ITS Training School

The ITS Training School is a key strategic business unit within the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), Malta.

The ITS Training School is a professional training school that provides high quality industry-driven and hands-on training programmes to the hospitality and tourism industries.

We endeavour to remain ahead of the curve and engage like-minded, qualified and experienced professionals to design and deliver innovative training programmes that meet and exceed the industry’s needs.

The ITS Training School is also a validation assessment centre that recognises and validates the employees’ skills, knowledge and skills within the hospitality and tourism industries.

Why Choose The ITS Training School?

ITS Training School positions itself as a leading vocational educational and training institution with its provision of world-class training methods innovatively delivered by qualified, knowledgeable and experienced trainers.

The ultimate goal in our core activity is that the hospitality and tourism industries succeed in the provision of an exceptional hospitality product to an excellent customer experience.

What Trainees had to say

agree that trainers had good understanding of training area and effective delivery

agree that training content was relevant

agree that length and pace of training was appropriate

recommend the training school to others

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