About Us


The purpose of the ITS Training School is to address short-term and medium-term skill gaps in the local and international hospitality and tourism industries and provide bespoke high quality and innovative training programmes to the industry.

We strive to build, achieve, and sustain an inspirational leadership, a motivated workforce, and an excellent service provision in the hospitality and tourism industries. We design our industry-based training programmes in order to uplift leadership and management, upskill the workforce and as a result upgrade the quality of service provision in the industries.

Our destination is excellence in hospitality and tourism product and experience. We reach our purpose through our cutting-edge quality and innovative training programmes that finally nurture an entrepreneurial, cultured and friendly workforce.


Shaping Excellence and Innovation in Tourism, through teaching and learning, quality research, advice, and realisation of innovative business concepts.

As the leading training institution in hospitality and tourism we provide future-ready and industry-relevant professional training programmes to upskill leadership and workforce.


The Institute of Tourism Studies will lead the transformation of tomorrow's international tourism industry.

Through the innovative training programmes designed for the industry's needs the ITS Training School builds and restores the necessary skillsets of and empower today's workforce to excellently deliver a quality hospitality and tourism experience to the customer.

Our Values

Our three steadfast values regulating our training provision and skills validation are leadership, innovation and delivery.


Our Belief: We believe that leadership is key in building a competitive and motivated workforce that is engaged in training and contributes towards the success of the industry.

Our Commitment: Through our seminal leadership in hospitality and tourism training we inspire, engage and uplift a skilled, enthusiastic and satisfied workforce.


Our Belief: We believe that the industry needs to remain innovative in order to adapt, stay at cutting-edge and overcome the constant challenges of change in today's highly competitive world.

Our Commitment: Our training programmes are research-based and industry-relevant, delivered through innovative technologies and training methods, and facilitated in state-of-the-art and/or workplace environments to uplift the skills of the workforce.


Our Belief: We believe that service delivery is to be of high quality, efficient, effective and inclusive to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

Our Commitment: Our training programmes inculcate in workforce the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to perform an excellent service.

Our Partners