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Training Skills Development

Hospitality remains one of the world's most dynamic and fastest growing industry and it is predicted to continue growing strong, change and keep diversify for the coming years.

Keeping up with the pace of change is a challenge for the industry. While change creates business opportunities, it also creates skills gaps where the demand for skilled employees is especially high. Training and development of employees to expand their skillsets, creates a significant competitive advantage and opportunity in sustaining growth, reaching quality service and achieving an excellent experience.

ITS Training School provides training programmes to the hospitality and tourism related industries covering a broad range of fields from the hospitality and tourism sectors including hotel management, food and beverage, travel and tourism, events, sports, wellness and leisure, and other sectors.

Industry Driven Training Programmes

We provide a number of services related to the employees’ skills development ranging from the recognition and validation of the employees’ skills, knowledge and competencies to the identification of the skills gaps, from off-the-shelf to the design of customised training programmes.

We provide a variety of industry-based training programmes which are all purposefully designed to help the hospitality and tourism industries close the gap in the skillsets of employees and enhance excellence in the quality service provision.

All training programmes are designed to address the needs of the industry, close the skills gaps and upskill the workforce in hospitality related industries. Our training programmes are designed to upskill and motivate the workforce in engaging towards the provision of quality service that gives an excellent experience to the customer.

We provide:

  • Off-The-Shelf training programmes which can be adapted to address the employer’s needs
  • Customised training programmes based on training needs and skills gaps of the workforce

Training programmes are accredited and/or non-accredited and may also lead to the award and/or conferment of a formal qualification.

Other services include:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Webinars

Provision of Blended Training

We provide a blended training experience through our flexible training provisions that fit the employers and trainee’s demanding schedules. Our training programmes combine a blended approach including face-to-face, classroom/workshop-based and workplace training, online, and self-study.

Our training programmes are designed around one or a mix of the above to address the particular needs of the industry and its employees.


Face-to-face training provides the benefit of interacting directly with the trainer and in meeting other trainees. Face-to-face sessions are delivered in classrooms, workshops, workplaces and/or online.


Training is also provided online. Trainees access course material, assignments, lectures, webinars and assessments via a virtual learning environment system (VLE).


Through the self-study sessions trainees will practice, research and read on their own disposal within the set time window as an integral part of their training programme.


On the job training provides an opportunity to practice and apply new skills and knowledge in a real-world environment.


Assessment is another integral component forming part of our training programmes. For us, assessment is learning. Trainees are assessed against set performance criteria at some point as outlined in the course description.